Hereford Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral

…..This large-scale project, which…..makes use of over seven hundred new LED luminaires, involved the re-wiring and re-lighting of the entire building, and its installation had to be carried out while the cathedral remained open and in daily use.

Starting from my original statement of liturgical need, Mr Kirk engaged in a fully collaborative design process,….. to build up a comprehensive understanding of the Chapter’s aspirations and the varied needs of the many different constituencies within the cathedral community.

Mr Kirk also spent many hours in the building, observing how it is used….. to ensure that his lighting design would grow out of the daily life of the cathedral and serve equally well its diverse functions.

…..There is no doubt that his imaginative design has contributed a new sense of poise, beauty and mystery to the space, which delights the eye and enhances the spiritual atmosphere of the building, making it even more inviting to pilgrim and visitor alike…..

The Revd Canon Andrew PiperPrecentor