Lincoln Cathedral Connected

Light Perceptions are thrilled to have been appointed as lighting consultants for Lincoln Cathedral Connected

The project meets the visitor in Castle Hill and then inviting them into the Cathedral Close through Exchequergate Arch. Revealing there the magnificent West End, free of scaffolding and the conservation work completed on the unique Romanesque Frieze and Gallery of Kings. To complement this is the intention to raise the ground immediately in front of the Cathedral thereby dispensing with ramps and seeking to reduce significantly vehicle access. Once inside the Cathedral the visitor will have the choice of tours, an audio guide or an App to help them explore the building in the way they want. We want them to exit the Cathedral through the north side of the cloister into a suite of buildings hosting interpretive displays and the Cathedral Shop and the Refectory.

It is envisaged the project will complement work being carried out for Lincoln Castle Revealed, helping to put Lincoln on the visitor map and boosting the profile of the city.
Lincoln Cathedral Connected is an exciting and challenging project aimed at engaging people physically, spiritually, emotionally and culturally with the Mission and Outreach of the Cathedral and the City of Lincoln