Lincolns Inn

Light Perceptions are thrilled to have been appointed to develop lighting concepts for the Great Hall at Lincolns Inn, London. Built by the architect Philip Hardwick, the hall was opened by Queen Victoria on October 30th 1845.

The Great Hall now serves all the normal purposes of a hall in an Inn. During the four dining terms of the year, each 23 days long, it is used for dining, and students of the Inn keep their terms then. In addition, the hall provides lunches for members throughout the year; and the social and professional fellowship that this affords is an important facet of life at the Bar. Because of its size and acoustics, the hall has also been found a desirable venue for choral and orchestral concerts arranged by the Bar Musical Society.

The new lighting scheme will include the restoration and upgrade of many of the existing lanterns and chandeliers, a new suite of picture lights for the many portraits and paintings that are displayed as well as new lighting for concerts and other events.