April 2019

“…..From the outset, it was clear that Bruce Kirk and his team appreciate the historical significance of Grade-listed and culturally important buildings and are sensitive to working within such historic fabric while still achieving results.

…..their understanding Livery Company culture and governance means they are well placed to succeed with projects of this nature. Their overall communications and especially presentations made at Committee-level, were clear, concise and professional, and were key in bringing all Members on board with their part of the project. The fact they have recently been re-commissioned to carry out a strategic review of our lighting on a building wide scale, reflects the regard Fishmongers has for the quality of their work.

We would be happy to recommend the work of both Bruce himself and his team at Light Perceptions.”

Peter Capon
Head of Collection, The Fishmongers’ Company

January 2019

“…..New lighting was very much on our Wish List….. The turning point came when we saw the new lighting in Hereford Cathedral; we knew we had to peruse the Company that was responsible for the work!….. Your idea to use the Victorian Lantern brackets to create the new wrought iron in the Pendants has been truly inspirational; they look totally in keeping with the age of the Church.

You have designed a scheme which has given total flexibility for our normal Church Services, the Hellensmusic Festival, Choirs and Concerts….. Many kind words of praise have been received since the project was finished and there will doubtless be many more to come.

We commend your Professionalism to all who are seeking help…..The Contract started on time and was completed on time and it was a pleasure to work with you all.

Again, on behalf of our PCC, thank you so much for bringing our Church to life!”

John and Janet Chapman
Churchwarden and Vice Chairman of St Bartholomew’s Church, Much Marcle

August 2017

“We have had wonderful, positive feedback from the vast majority of the church community over the past year and they see it all as a job well done. Yet again, thank you.”

Caroline Langton – Churchwarden
St Peter’s Church, Hammersmith

January 2017

“….. you grasped the architectural and liturgical subtlety and complexity of the building and encouraged us to demand and commission light fittings that were beautifully consonant with the main design motifs already visible in the Cathedral.

Secondly, you were able to provide us with an amazingly flexible system capable of producing sensitive and appropriate levels of lighting for any occasion….. It feels like we are in a bigger, airier and lovelier space.

….. your project management skills and the rapport you established with our excellent contractors ensured that the project came in on time and on budget. The whole installation and re-wiring process was extremely well managed, with a minimum of disruption, allowing the Cathedral to function throughout the project. This was key and you understood and worked with our needs very sympathetically…..”

The Very Reverend Adrian Dorber – Dean of Lichfield Cathedral 

August 2016

“When the PCC of this Grade 1 listed medieval building decided to replace the lighting, I knew (from having worked with him previously) that Bruce Kirk would be the ideal person to work with us on a new scheme. We have not been disappointed.

Bruce worked carefully with us on the brief; he was generous in his willingness to engage with the whole congregation as he developed his ideas; and he has produced a subtly intelligent and flexible lighting scheme that has transformed the building, enabling worshippers and our many visitors alike fully to appreciate its glorious interior.

Bruce’s advice on the appointment of contractors was invaluable, and his attention to detail in managing the contract was exemplary.

All in all a great experience for us with a first rate and thoroughly likeable professional.”

Revd Canon Simon Cowling
Rector of Bolton Abbey

May 2016

“……..Your advice, professional guidance and support throughout the whole process has been much appreciated.

We and the congregation of St Mary’s are all very pleased with the end result……”

John Bush
Churchwarden, St Mary’s Church, Wimbledon

January 2016

“…..This large-scale project, which…..makes use of over seven hundred new LED luminaires, involved the re-wiring and re-lighting of the entire building, and its installation had to be carried out while the cathedral remained open and in daily use.

Starting from my original statement of liturgical need, Mr Kirk engaged in a fully collaborative design process,….. to build up a comprehensive understanding of the Chapter’s aspirations and the varied needs of the many different constituencies within the cathedral community.

Mr Kirk also spent many hours in the building, observing how it is used….. to ensure that his lighting design would grow out of the daily life of the cathedral and serve equally well its diverse functions.

…..There is no doubt that his imaginative design has contributed a new sense of poise, beauty and mystery to the space, which delights the eye and enhances the spiritual atmosphere of the building, making it even more inviting to pilgrim and visitor alike…..”

The Revd Canon Andrew Piper
Precentor, Hereford Cathedral

January 2016

“……. In every way the new lighting has enhanced the Abbey’s ministry. Worshippers, visitors, pilgrims and those who work here have unanimously voiced their approval and delight at the way in which the building has been transformed. The Abbey’s extensive and varied liturgy is superbly served by a much more flexible lighting set-up than previously existed; its spiritual as well as its aesthetic power cannot be overstated. Our visitors express their astonishment at “the wow factor” in their entries in our Visitors’ Book; guided tours have been significantly enriched and the quality of our educational work with young people has been greatly improved.

The new lighting scheme in the Abbey has been one of the most important additions to the life of the building in recent years……”

Graham Finch
Chairman, The Friends of Tewkesbury Abbey

January 2016

“…..From the outset, Bruce has ‘gone the extra mile’ in consulting us, the clients, from the design process, which included a full consultation with interested parties, through to delivery of the project (and beyond!)…..

One of our priorities for the new scheme has been the environmental impact. With a saving of 75% on the previous energy consumption this has been well met…..

One of the new joys is to enter the Abbey and find people sitting in the nave just wondering at the beauty of the Abbey or hearing the gasps of wonder as people first catch-sight of the panoramic sweep up to the High Altar. This has enhanced the innate beauty of the Abbey and heightened the spirituality of the place…..

In fact, I would go so far as to say, that because of the new lighting scheme we have seen parts of the Abbey that perhaps only the original artist has seen – truly remarkable.”

The Rev’d Canon Paul Williams
Vicar, Tewkesbury Abbey

April 2015

“…..our lighting had to work in the small space but also work for the high occupancy. Light Perceptions clearly grasped what was needed in such a small space; they may well be used to working in large Cathedrals and churches but were more than sympathetic to the smaller, more intimate sacred space that we invited them to light. We could not have been more pleased, both with the standard of their work and with the empathy they showed for the space, we commend them fully and have done so to other churches in this area.

Faced with a small or large sacred space this company will treat either with respect and will rejoice in your history and your dreams!”

Liz Williams on behalf of Fabric Committee
Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Adel

January 2015

“…..There are so many good things to say about this project….the way that you instantly grasped what we were aiming to achieve (but didn’t know how) from the very first time that you visited the building, the thoroughness with which you developed the brief, the wisdom of your advice in the selection of a contractor and the tremendous efficiency with which you ran the project from start to finish.

…..the DAC was as delighted with your design proposal as we were and the finished result looks stunning.

…..a thoroughly modern installation totally in harmony with an old building”

Stewart Taylor, Honorary Treasurer, The PCC of Holy Trinity Hereford

July 2014

“…..From our point of view, going back to 2004-5 the work undertaken by Bruce Kirk was excellent….His fee was the best money we could have spent – all the worry, technical specifications and overseeing of the installation was quite frankly beyond us. He dealt with the installing contractors, protected us against any silly cost rises et al.

… the scheme that was appropriate for St Luke’s was so well undertaken, the disruption to the church, whilst potentially dreadful, worked well – that was down to the very good contractors who worked alongside us to ensure that our needs were always accommodated.

…All in all, I can do no better that recommend Light Perceptions and hope that you have as good an experience as we have had.”

The Rev’d Neil Golding
Vicar, The Parish of St Luke, Woodside

June 2013

“….. The result is stunning, effective, easy to use and environmentally friendly.  It has attracted universal approval from our congregations and visitors, and is certainly one of the highlights of our recent project to renew the nave.”

The Very Reverend Jonathan Greener – Dean of Wakefield Cathedral


June 2013

“We realised that we needed a Project Manager who could steer me and the PCC through the process and avoid pitfalls that invariably get put in the way…..It is because of Bruce that we have successfully overcome all political and planning issues and have reached the stage of a fully approved Project. We are delighted and are now moving into our next stage.”

Geoffrey Howe – Chair Holy Trinity Transform Project

December 2012

“…..  From the time that we first met, almost 3 years ago, to discuss the feasibility of a new lighting scheme through to the design, specification, tendering and contract administration you handled the project most professionally and we have felt assured that we were in safe hands.  The end result is stunning and has received so many favourable comments from visitors and congregation alike.”

Bob Earl, Churchwarden, St Michael at the Northgate, Oxford


January 2012

“…..Your vision has transformed the lighting of the church…..when you walk into the church, everything looks just right…..Everyone has been extremely complimentary about the look and effectiveness of the lights.”

Martin Latham – Churchwarden, St John the Baptist, Axbridge

June 2012

“…..the PCC and all the congregation appreciate what a fantastic enhancement it has made to our beautiful Church”

Ray Ives – On behalf of the St Paul’s Development Committee
St Paul’s Church, Beckenham

July 2010

“I returned from my 3 month sabbatical and, having been away, was immediately struck by the difference the lighting has made to the Cathedral.  It really has transformed the building in ways we did not image before we embarked on the project.  We are all thrilled with the results.  I know that my colleagues have had nothing but praise for the professional way you managed the project, dealt with the electrical contractors, trained the staff and wrestled with the constraints of working in a church! We would be delighted to recommend you to any churches or cathedrals in the future.”

The Very Revd John Irvine MA – Dean of Coventry Cathedral


April 2008

“It was a pleasure to work with you; and I very much hope our paths will cross again.”

Martin Stancliffe – Surveyor to the Fabric, St Paul’s Cathedral


August 2006

“The new lighting is a major asset for St Anne’s and shows this historic interior at her best.”

The Revd Dr Gordon Jeanes – St Anne’s Church, Wandsworth


July 2006

“….. our gratitude to you for your contribution to the installation of the new window in the Chapel of Justice and Peace.  The lighting of the window has given a wonderful new dimension to the stained glass and has literally illuminated a part of the Cathedral which was in shadow and largely unseen.  We owe you a great debt of thanks, not only for your technical skills, but also for your readiness to spend time to ensure that the window is revealed in the most effective way.”

Canon Michael Glanville-Smith – Acting Dean Ripon Cathedral


November 2005

“We are all delighted with our new lighting…..I must say how grateful I am for your professional services, guidance, and advice.”

Father Mark Powell –St Anne’s Church, Vauxhall

April 2004

“…..thank you for your splendid design and management of our rewiring project.  It has been a pleasure to have such a hug undertaking go so smoothly and to be involved with such a professional, co-operative and coureous team. The lighting now feels as if it had always been there.”

Linda de May – Churchwarden, Old Church Chelsea