Landschafstspark, Duisburg, Meiderich

Light Perceptions

Redundant German Ironworks, Decommissioned in late C20
Project Type: Project Management and Systems Integration Services
Lighting Design by: Jonathan Park
Project cost: circa £300,000 ex VAT and fees
Completed: 1993
Case Study No: 1004

Landschaftspark is a public park located in Duisburg Nord, Germany. It was designed in 1991 by Latz + Partner (Peter Latz), with the intention that it work to heal and understand the industrial past, rather than trying to reject it. The park closely associates itself with the past use of the site: a coal and steel production plant (abandoned in 1985, leaving the area significantly polluted) and the agricultural land it had been prior to the mid-19th century.

The site which covers more than 500 acres was designed with the idea that a grandfather, who might have worked at the plant, could walk with his grandchildren, explaining what he used to do and what the machinery had been used for. The lighting, designed by Jonathan Park included treatments of three enormous chimneys, blast furnaces, gasometers and other extraordinary industrial structures.

Bruce Kirk was contracted to specify the luminaire packages, develop the control system interfaces and oversee the installation works for the architectural lighting for almost all of the entire complex.

Posted On: May 16, 2014