Methodist Central Hall Westminster

Light Perceptions

Built: 1905-1911 by Lanchester and Rickards
Listed: Grade II*
Project Type: Great Hall Lighting Improvements Phase I
Project cost: circa £72,000 ex VAT and fees
Completed: March 2008
Case Study No: 3133

Methodist Central Hall Westminster was opened in 1912 as a monument to mark the centenary of John Wesley’s death (the founder of Methodism). One of the most significant events to have been hosted here was the 1946 inaugural meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Prime Minister Clement Attlee welcomed delegates from all over the globe to Central Hall where 51 member countries took part. The United Nations Organisation returned to Methodist Central Hall in 1996 as part of their 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The Great Hall is now one of Westminster’s most popular and best known venues. The lighting is provided in the main by four majestic bronze pendants but supplemented by additional architectural lighting and theatrical fittings used for the many events that are staged in the hall.

Posted On: April 30, 2014