Our Lady of Dolours Servite Parish Church, London

Light Perceptions

Built: 1875 by J.A. Hansom
Listed: Grade II
Project Type: Interior Relighting Project
Project cost: £95,000 ex VAT and fee
Completed: July 2011
Case Study No: 3284

This project, completed in 2011, was part of a larger cleaning and repairs project aimed at rejuvenating this large Victorian interior designed by J. A. Hanson.

A new set of chandeliers carrying the motif of the Order of the Servite Martyrs was designed to replace a set of wood and glass fittings installed in the 1970s. Delicate accent lighting is used to enhance the many shrines and side altars of this classical Victorian interior.

The Lady Chapel and Baptistery are particularly rich in decoration and finery. Both spaces are carefully lit to enhance their beauty.

Posted On: May 16, 2014