Sheffield Cathedral

Light Perceptions

Origins: C15th with C18th, C19th and C20th additions 
Listed: Grade I
Project Type: Relighting as part of major re-ordering project
Project cost: circa £300,000 ex VAT and Fees
Completed: April 2014
Case Study No: 3257

As part of a major reordering project, funded both by the HLF and the City Burgesses, Light Perceptions has relit the interior and exterior of Sheffield Cathedral.

The new interior scheme use discrete groups of LED luminaires to provide general, accent and upward lighting for all parts of the interior. The energy efficient lighting is controlled by a series of touch screen panels which allow vergers and clergy access to a wide range of preset settings which apply either globally across the whole interior or locally within individual chapel spaces.

The external lighting is designed to complement the new landscaping of the Cathedral precinct bringing focus to its principal entrance at the heart of the City Centre.

Posted On: April 29, 2015