St Anne’s Church Kew Green

Light Perceptions

Built: C18th
Listed: Grade II*
Simon Jenkins: ★ 
Project Type: Exterior Relighting Project
Project cost: circa £50,000 ex VAT & Fees
Completed: December 2015
Case Study No: 3473

St Anne sits proudly at the heart of the Kew Green conservation area and close to the main gates of The Royal Botanical Gardens.

The new external lighting scheme replaces an older installation which had fallen into disrepair. With miniature exterior floodlights positioned at the foot of the main elevations, the floodlighting gently grazes the brick surfaces and highlights the graceful heads of the windows and their keystones.

With automated settings that can be adjusted through the evening, St Anne’s is the jewel of the night time environment of this pretty part of South-West London.

Posted On: September 15, 2017