St John’s Walk Hereford Cathedral

Light Perceptions

Built: C16th
Listed: Grade I
Project Type: Interior Lighting Project
Project cost: circa £15,000 ex VAT & Fees
Completed: February 2016
Case Study No: 3525

St John’s Walk was built in the 12th Century and forms a covered walkway between the main cathedral and the cloisters who’s adjoining buildings provide the accommodation for some of the Cathedral staff and clergy.

The ceiling is beautifully decorated with a series of fine and unique wood carvings.

The new lighting was installed in 2016 as part of an HLF funded restoration and repair of the roof as well as stone repairs and some re-presentation.

The new lighting allows the Cathedral’s visitors to see the carvings as never before whilst at night it provides essential safety lighting for the Cathedral community.

Posted On: September 19, 2017