St Jude’s, Courtfield Gardens

Light Perceptions

Built: 1867-1870 by George & Henry Goodwin. 1947 Restoration
Listed: Grade II*
Project Type: Internal Lighting Improvements
Completed: July 2012
Case Study No: 3244

On the evening of the 27th November 2012, the newly refurbished St Jude’s, Courtfield Gardens was officially opened as the home of St Mellitus Theological College at the opening ceremony.

Light Perceptions are delighted to have been commissioned to design the lighting for the main space – now a large lecture hall, additional lecture rooms, conference rooms, the library, staircases and the new narthex/coffee area.

The lighting style varies from space to space creating different environments for different purposes. There is colour changing lighting in the narthex, automated daylight sensing in the library and theatrical lighting in the lecture theatres.

This is one of many projects completed with HTB and Alpha International.

Posted On: June 11, 2014