St Mary’s Church Wimbledon

Light Perceptions

Built: C18th by J Johnson addition C19th by G G Scott
Listed: Grade II
Project Type: Interior Relighting Project
Project cost: circa £115,000 ex VAT and fees
Completed: December 2015
Case Study No: 3347

Light Perceptions has recently completed the relighting of St Mary’s Church at Wimbledon.

The elegant nave is lit by a series of bespoke bronzed pendants designed by members of the parish to complement existing architectural metalwork in the church.

Flemish candelabra have been re-instated in the chancel and chapels with additional spotlighting provided for accent to the front of the nave, reading light for the choir stalls and gallery as well as accent lighting for the altars and key liturgical features.

Posted On: September 26, 2016