St Michael’s Cathedral Coventry

Light Perceptions

Built: 1962 by Sir Basil Spence
Listed: Grade I
Project Type: Interior Relighting and Rewiring Project
Project cost: circa £130,000 ex VAT and fees
Completed: April 2010
Case Study No: 3160

St Michael’s is one of the few Cathedral’s built after the introduction of electric light. Basil Spence and his engineers gave careful consideration to the use of artificial lighting and established clever positions for luminaires so that the building could be lit well without displaying much of the engineering.

The new lighting scheme re-uses many of the original lighting positions, but with new and more efficient luminaires that provide greatly improved levels of illumination and added accent lighting to the key liturgical and architectural features of this fine interior.

A new control system combines the frequently used theatrical lighting, which was originally provided by the BBC for the consecration, with the general lighting of the interior. A small number of presets are used for day to day use whilst a small theatrical console is used for larger services and events.

Posted On: May 16, 2014