Tewkesbury Abbey

Light Perceptions

Listed: Grade I
Project Type: Internal Relighting Project
Project cost: circa £500,000 ex VAT and fees
Completed: 2014
Case Study No: 3233

Abbey was founded in 1102 and consecrated in 1121. It was built to house Benedictine monks and is acknowledged to be one of the finest interiors of the era.

Some 900 years later this stunning lighting scheme brings new life to the Abbey, illuminating the fine vaulting of the of the nave and choir as well as the many side chapels and tiny chantry chapels.

Visitors now see fine details of this beautiful interior previously hidden in unlit corners or obscured by dark shadows.

A preset control system provides a number of settings that cater for the day visitors, services and concerts whilst a small theatrical console is used for larger services, concerts and public events.

Posted On: May 16, 2014