The Crypt Chapel Sheffield Cathedral

Light Perceptions

Built: C20th
Listed: Grade I
Project Type: Interior Relighting Project
Project cost: circa £27,000 ex VAT & Fees
Completed: July 2016
Case Study No: 3585

The Crypt Chapel lies to the north of the main body of the Cathedral below St George’s Regimental Chapel. It receives little daylight – except from the entrance steps and therefore relies almost entirely on the new artificial lighting.

Carefully designed fittings are fixed to the supporting columns and provide the general downlight as well as an attractive uplight onto the low vaulted ceilings.

The Crypt Chapel is also a place where ashes are placed – behind the stones that form the three sides away from the entrance steps. Previously vey hard to read, the names of the deceased and other dedications that are carved into the stones are gently illuminated by specially designed wall wash fittings which are discretely positioned on the vaulting.

The overall effect of the lighting is to carefully illuminate this previously dark and uninviting space in a subtle and harmonious way.

Posted On: September 19, 2017