Tower of London White Tower Staircase

Light Perceptions

Built: C11th rebuilt 1973 but removed in 2015
Listed: Grade I
Project Type: Exterior Lighting Project
Completed: May 2016
Case Study No: 3531

Entry to the White Tower and the fabulous Crown Jewels Exhibition is via an external staircase to the first floor, the double-width timber construction has recently been replaced with a new green-oak staircase hewn from fifty English oak trees from a South Oxfordshire woodland.

To provide safety lighting on the stairs Light Perceptions’ design uses miniature LED spotlights embedded into the timber balusters to illuminate the treads.  Additional uplighting to the reproduction Norman structure comes from low level linear LEDs. The lighting of the staircase complements Light Perceptions’ relighting of the rest of the White Tower.

Posted On: October 31, 2016