Wakefield Cathedral Phase II

Light Perceptions

Built: C12th-C20th
Listed: Grade I
Project Type: Interior Relighting Project
Project cost: circa £175,000 ex VAT & Fees
Completed: April 2016
Case Study No: 3472

Following the successful completion of the relighting of the nave and aisles of Wakefield Cathedral in March 2013, Light Perceptions continued working at Wakefield with the installation of the second phase of work in the East End of the Cathedral.

Continuing the broad concept of electroliers designed in the style of Sir Ninian and Sebastian Comper, the East End is now lit by a series of new, reproduction pendants which provide a warm and flowing light across the whole area.

Spotlights are used in addition to light the key liturgical and architectural features whilst miniature LED modules are used to highlight the Sedilia near the High Altar as well as the canopy of St Mark’s Chapel.

All of the new lighting uses high quality LED light sources which are controlled by a modern pre-set dimming system that allows the lighting across the whole Cathedral to be changed, with ease, to support the wide variety of purposes from traditional worship to lunch-time concerts to film shows.

Posted On: September 26, 2016